Summer on the edge

Did someone say there is a new extremely risky and unsafe attraction going on in town? Count us in. Since it is summer and summer always makes us more adventurous than we usually tend to be, we decided to give this beautiful season the obligatory amount of energy and recklessness.    In a small Bulgarian town, … Continue reading Summer on the edge

Late summer style guide

At the very end of summer, when everybody else had a season's worth of vitamin D, I decided to take the high roll and the even higher road to Greece. You should know that the even higher road stands for this passing-through-time-and-mountains route to Sithonia, but also, for elegance. Take a look at the classic black … Continue reading Late summer style guide

София диша 2016 / Sofia Breathes 2016

"С тебе и да си мълчим ми е приятно." Така говорим понякога на София, а тя диша. Дишаше и вчера на улица Московка, а ние говорихме за празни приказки и щастливи букети, обикаляхме и тайничко си представяхме как дишат във Флорида, например, по това време от годината. В крайна сметка се уверихме, че София Диша е приятна … Continue reading София диша 2016 / Sofia Breathes 2016


 You know how people have these little habits that complete their daily existence, well, our personal settled tendency consists of roasted and ground coffee beans, water, milk and a teaspoon of brown sugar. Vanilla powder is optional. So when we found ourselves wandering in a town with current population of 5 884 people, our hope … Continue reading TIME(less)