Nyhavn district Copenhagen Denmark

Copenhagen: HYGGE and The City

Everything in Copenhagen is organic: the transport, our breakfast, the super-expensive chocolate bars in the supermarkets, tangerines and other fruit in general, napkins, tickets, even the water in plastic bottles with a deposit mark which can be melted and recycled. Organic, organic, organic. Oh, and a little expensive, as one can imagine. We took a … Continue reading Copenhagen: HYGGE and The City

Peggy Porschen London

Autumn in London: rabbit holes and Chelsea pink

Ever since I was 7, my heart’s desire was to live in London. London had it all: the tea, the Queen, the Union Jack, Mary Poppins, the British accent. Now, two decades later, London still has it all: the latte, the castles, the drum and bass culture, Kate Moss, the oh-sooo-sexy British accent. I never … Continue reading Autumn in London: rabbit holes and Chelsea pink