One castle and two pairs of ankle boots

Spring is here, and so are the flowers.

And while we do love lilies, lilies of the valley, calla lilies, daffodils, orchids, roses, carnations, dahlias, freesias, lilac, irises, crocuses, peonies and hyacinths, this time what we met were fields or tulips.


Oh, and a castle.

arundel-castleArundel towers

Perhaps you have heard or felt that in the very same England that swings like a pendulum do, the rain is not such an unpredictable element, therefore we decided to go for comfort and picked some cute ankle boots in black and taupe. And we started exploring that open-heart-ed county of West Sussex.

arundel-town 1-candy

On a funky fresh May morning we had 2 coffees, we drove 20 miles and then we saw 2000 colourful tulips and just as much beautiful calyxes. Magic! Get to know some of them and beware – the Pink Impressions do come out of the pots…Arundel castle tulip fieldsLilly Arundel castle1-nathalielilly-arundelArundel gardensArundel castle
Tulips Arundel castle

… at least that is what we heard from and old fellow!

Arundel Kinky Potion Portion LillyЗамък Arundel градиниЗамък - градини лалета

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