Fall into Fall

 You know how sometimes the transition between the breezy summer and the chilly fall can be a bit irritating, especially if we are talking about our personal emotional state. But no matter how soon the leaves decide to start falling, we are always ready to open our wardrobes and take out our favorite pink pieces of clothing. You know, just so that our outfits match the colour of the strawberry tea the local teahouse offers us.

Kinky Potions - Fall Into Fall Lilly

Kinky Potions - Fall Into Fall

 We met on a Saturday afternoon, both having red noses and ice-cold hands, happy to realize that mellow hearts are what really matter. After overcoming our mutual fear of the cold air in the name of the following photoshoot, we concluded that we deserved some warmth. All of a sudden, rum seemed like the perfect solution (supported by a cup of tea, of course). We simply could not resist the idea of quality drinks, delicious dinner and the specific humor typical for the Englishmen. Naturally, the exceptional sisterhood would think of Murphy’s.  And so it did – we did.

JJ Murphy's & Co.

A few wrong turns later, we were already there, drunk by our own perceptions of food. If you have never tasted the atmosphere of this Irish pub – do not dare to hesitate – we promise you won’t get home unsatisfied.

Kinky Potions - Fall Into Fall OOTD Natt

Back to our war against the weather. Having no time to fight, we chose to remain calm and try to find the moral of the situation. Eventually, we came across a certain statement. If it’s soft – good, if it’s quality fabric – better, if it’s pink – congratulations – you found the perfect match, no matter the season!

Kinky Potions - Fall Into Fall OOTDfall-into-fall_kinky-potion-portionKinky Potions - Fall Into Fall NathalieKinky Potions - Fall Into Fall FTD

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