The Netherlands as we saw it

 I got introduced to this beautiful country couple of years ago in a rainy and windy Wednesday afternoon while I was road tripping around Belgium. The landscape enchanted me so much that I knew I would be going there again. The holiday season is finally (almost) upon us – let’s have a look at The Netherlands together 

Nieuwe Keizersgracht, Amsterdam

Nieuwe Keizersgracht, Amsterdam

The Trip
The trip involved unprinted boarding cards, stolen banknotes, half a panic attack, croissants and many phone calls. But once we took the rented car from Rotterdam and set the known destination, it all brightened up.

The hotel


OZO Hotel, Amsterdam

Looking for the perfect hotel is not actually my cup of tea, plus I prefer coffee for breakfast. That is why I let myself be surprised and focused my trip preparation on picking up outfits and doing a small research about coffee shops and bookstores ought to be visited. The nonchalance was a complete success and that is how I arrived at the Ozo Hotel in Amsterdam-Zuidoost.

The food


De Overkant, Haarlem

The local cuisine combines thick fries, lots of cheese, pea soup (also known as snert), mashed potatoes with sausage, bacon or other kind of meat, and crispy meatballs.
I absolutely adored the thin waffles, liquorice and chocolate letters. And, naturally, the beer.

Nature & culture


N518, Netherlands

Polders, cities crisscrossed with canals,  milds, tiny roads with panoramic lake views, blossoming parks with flowers. Simply dare to explore it all.



Haarlem is a charming city offering lively cultural scene, mixed and matched medieval atmosphere and excellent dining opportunities. I was nothing but impressed by this petite place called De Overkant – preppy meals, crafted beer, bright pink gerberas and the most friendly waitress in the world. Enjoy the menu!



Street art, Rotterdam

I didn’t have the chance to spend much time in Rotterdam, but my friend Mark left London when he was 16 and moved in this port city, so I’m guessing there must be something. Rotterdam is a twin city to our very own Bourgas since 1976 and it has some very cool, out-of-the-box architectural achievements, such as the Cube Houses.


Marken, Netherlands


Marken is the sweetest little village with a population of less than 2,000 people. It is situated in the Waterland municipality. It does sound magical, doesn’t it?


Amsterdam, Netherlands


If you need security, tranquility and vivid senses, Amsterdam is the go-to spot. Rent a bike, wander around the canals, visit a friend, go to a party, spend half a day in Van Gogh’s Museum or Anne Frank’s House, check the Waterlooplein Flea market or, better yet, the floating flower market Bloemenmarkt.

Whatever you choose to do, a map is recommended. Try the Coffee Shop Map Amsterdam app. It’s 2016, after all, we know you have a smartphone.

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