La La Land

In their own La La Land, a fanciful state or dreamworld, Nathalie and Lilly are drawn together by their common desire to do what they love…


And while we do love fancy trips and exotic destinations, this time we spent the Ante-Christmas weeks in few small towns in England.

La La Land NathalieLa La Land Lilly
La La Land 2

All you need for some quality chill-axing is a good book, few cups of coffee (and the right brewing temperature for it) and couple of tiny streets that are cosy enough to provide a certain sheer atmosphere.

Sing along!

lal13 la-la-land-nathalie

The smashing chokers were the perfect festive present from Nicollett Accessories. Find them here and bring some Christmas joy to the ones you love ♥

La La Land Detailla-la-land-detailLa La Land

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