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Rose Quartz and Serenity

As we stepped in 2016 in a brave and musical, yet very stylish way, we decided to go deeper – Pantone deeper – in colours.


We picked a shiny day, took a cup of cappuccino from the fabric where they sell rainbows and hit the city landscapes in order to face the pastel challenge in traditional perceptions of colour.


Introducing: Our vision of Rose Quartz and Serenity

Nathalie went for comfort and picked a conical pair of jeans with short lateral cuts. She combined them with a crop blouse in rose quartz and a pale blue coat with straight cut.


Lilly opted for chic – the literally breezy one – and weared a cream A-line dress with lace applications, serenity knitted sweater and open collar coat. After all, who needs a collar when we celebrate Spring today?


Stay tuned for more colourful outfits and follow us on Facebook because sometimes a kinky potion of bright portion is all you need!


Credits: Peter Savov Photography

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