кафенета в мадрид

Preppy Tea Party

Every now and then, when one looks really deeper, has a taste for surprises and believes in the power of large open airs, a hidden garden on the 8th floor with a magnificent city view might somehow be materialized.


All you have to do is find:
1. the elevator;
2. the perfect partner in crime for that joyous occasion.


Obviously, Nathalie and I found each other. And then… we found Madrid.

Madrid has many secret gardens and yet we managed to visit most of them. But there is one garden that opened another astral projection and – man – we loved it!


On a Thursday afternoon, after spending a good deal of time and money shoe shopping, we opened the map, searched the address, got lost couple of times and finally found the elevator with that #8 button with paper label and the words `PRESS ME’ beautifully printed on it in large letters. So we did…

Under the sounds of “Wonderwall” in a tranquil quintet version we spent a few hours in Wonderland eating a delicious cheesecake that was literally transmitting you in a field of strawberries. And a carrot cake. Best in the world. And Natt does eat a lot of carrot cakes, mind you.


Quick conclusion & useful tip: you will outshine every Picasso painting if you manage to choose the perfect dessert (plus some sparkling ice cubes, maybe). Word.

Hasta luego!

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