Broken Balkanz 2016

Musical minutes
Blending hours
Lyrical nights

Party people
Stylish sunsets
And the nature

That marvellous Bulgarian nature.

Brokenz Balkanz sunset

That is the Broken Balkanz festival in few words. And during the past weekend we were part of it. Emotionally. Physically. Mentally.

Lilly&Natt @BrokenBalkanz16

The event took place in Vitosha Mountain and gathered together over 25 international artists and 1200 visitors that all have something in common. A thing (and an ear) for quality basslines.


Among those connoisseurs were Luka Per from Slovenia, Chris Kouzellis and Kostas Nomikos from Greece, Adrian Andrei from Romania, our lovely mates from D2 Macedonia and the all-time-favourite crew from Croatia – CFSN.

CFSN crew @Broken Balkanz

They all proved the world wrong in terms of cooperation, positive attitude and integration. The Balkans can be united. And music is the key visual for doing that.

Sunset over Vitosha Mountain

Broken Balkanz is not a festival. It is a feeling!

Kinky sisters attending the Broken Balkanz festival

Credits: Peter Savov Photography

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