Bass Sea Festival 2016


It’s summer, and we are young, bold and free-spirited.
Here is why we politely waved both the office and the dressing room of the theatre and packed a 2-weeks worth of clothing in a suitcase. Okay, I am lying. More like two suitcases.


It’s summer, and we are young, bold and free-spirited.
Here is why we dedicated a large part of the red-orange-yellowish hot season to the art of musical festivals. After attending the Broken Balkanz festival last month, we figured August is way breezier and that is how we ended up at Bass Sea Festival.


The super cool name goes back to back with an even cooler location: Wake Up beach in Varvara. The astonishing place offers kinky pouf chairs, cosy sunbeds and amazing lemonades!

And H.M.S.U. proved to be The go-to label when in comes to wicked sounds, variety of music and experience to remember. Our personal favourite was the Formation Records night when High Roll, L 33, Dushi and DJ SS made the waves splash faster and the sand squish calmer under our feet.

Here are some bass-y Bass-Sea moments, stay tuned!

BassSea3BassSea13 BassSea19DSC_0376 BassSea5

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