You know how people have these little habits that complete their daily existence, well, our personal settled tendency consists of roasted and ground coffee beans, water, milk and a teaspoon of brown sugar. Vanilla powder is optional. So when we found ourselves wandering in a town with current population of 5 884 people, our hope for the perfectly prepared cup of morning coffee was desperately unstable. Eventually, we noticed a petite coffeehouse and decided to give it a shot.


    Time turned out to be the right choice. Two cappuccinos and two jars of ginger lemonade later, we were madly in love with the café, offering a great number of books, gently arranged on the shelves all over the place.


    Standing in the middle of the celebration of our mutual belief in caffeine, we subsequently decided to give our full attention to the literary heaven that was all around. Of course, we couldn’t avoid taking advantage of the exposed publications.



    We undoubtfully had a lucky day, knowing that Time was on our side.



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