LAte summer style guide Greece 01

Late summer style guide

At the very end of summer, when everybody else had a season’s worth of vitamin D, I decided to take the high roll and the even higher road to Greece. You should know that the even higher road stands for this passing-through-time-and-mountains route to Sithonia, but also, for elegance.

Take a look at the classic black and white combination and indulge in some bright hot summer memories.

Late summer style guide in Greece Chalkidiki

The slightly flared chiffon dress with embroidered back details is a perfect choice for those warm days with breezy nights. Add a pair of wedge sandals with silver ankle straps and wicker platform. In order to make this cute outfit more refined, all you need is just this one timeless piece that accents the whole look.

Late summer style guide Greece

Mine is called a Ted Baker purse. Because this season’s mission is impeccable. And the brand knows that.

Late summer style guide in Chalkidiki Greece


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