Greece & Sunlight for breakfast

Greece has always been a temple for our inner voices and no wonder we took this weekend’s breeze and drove hotfoot to the costs of Chalkidiki.

We guess that must have been what Mary Poppins experienced every single time she was blown by the East wind to the 17, Cherry Tree Lane in London.


Luckily enough we are unstable when it comes to brisk air and blue-green waters, but this time we had a genuine destination.

Here comes Sarti in Sithonia! ♥


When the lady at the reception kindly let us know that the breakfast was already in the fridge, we shared a moment of confusion and yet remembered that not everyone in this part of the world was obliged to have a Cockney accent or proper linguistics, whatsoever. But when the bread was supposed to be hanging on our door in the early morning , we rushed to the fifth floor to take a look at the view.

We already knew that THE breakfast at Tiffany’s had a more summer-y remix.
Bon appetit!




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