Peggy Porschen London

Autumn in London: rabbit holes and Chelsea pink

Ever since I was 7, my heart’s desire was to live in London. London had it all: the tea, the Queen, the Union Jack, Mary Poppins, the British accent.

Now, two decades later, London still has it all: the latte, the castles, the drum and bass culture, Kate Moss, the oh-sooo-sexy British accent.

Peggy Porschen London

I never had the courage to move there, I usually blame the humidity. Truth be told, I secretly hope that one day I will run out of excuses and do it. But until that day comes, I take those very long weekends every month or two in order to explore the beautiful magic and elegant awkwardness of the capital.

This time, my theme walk is Rabbit Holes and Chelsea Pink.

Peggy Porschen bakery Ebury street London

First stop: Peggy Porschen

Why? Because of Pink.

Peggy Porschen Bakery London menu price

If you think that answer doesn’t make any sense, then you should definitely visit the chic bakery with pale pink walls, frostings and spirits that all smell like raspberry and champagne. Considered to be one of the most instagrammable spots in the whole city (right next to the old champ Big Ben and that fourth plinth in Trafalgar square), the place really is as glamorous as seen in my pictures.

Peggy Porschen Belgravia - LondonPeggy Porschen Bakery Cupcakes Cakes Peggy Porschen Bakery Belgravia London menu price

Second stop: Chelsea

I first met the neighbourhood back in 2009 while I was looking for a certain stadium. And in this beautiful and bearable in terms of humidity autumn day I am enjoying the Chelsea pink.

Houses in pink and purple on Bywater Street in Chelsea - LondonBywater Street in Chelsea, London

If you haven’t heard of Chelsea pink, it’s probably because the only Chelsea-hue known so far was Chelsea blue. And even though I am a fan of both the colour and what it represents, I blended some shades and made up another tone in my very own colour palette: Chelsea pink.

Bywater Street Chelsea London - pink houses

Chelsea pink is a specific hue that combines silk, paper planes, vivid imagination, polka dots, messy hairstyles and inner dreams.

As romantic as liquid drum and bass, isn’t it?

Chelsea London - Bywater Street

Outfit of the day
Trench: French Connection
// Sweater: New Look // Skirt: House // Shoes: Asos // Bag: Mango // Scarf: OSPREY LONDON 

Houses in pink and purple on Bywater Street in Chelsea, London

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