Nyhavn district Copenhagen Denmark

Copenhagen: HYGGE and The City

Organic breakfast Copenhagen - raw vegan food

Everything in Copenhagen is organic: the transport, our breakfast, the super-expensive chocolate bars in the supermarkets, tangerines and other fruit in general, napkins, tickets, even the water in plastic bottles with a deposit mark which can be melted and recycled. Organic, organic, organic. Oh, and a little expensive, as one can imagine.

Nyhavn port in Copenhagen

We took a trip to the Danish capital in order to check the RealFeel in terms of that notorious HYGGE culture.

HYGGE and The City

Copenhagen The Royal Danish Opera House

What is hygge after all? That very special mindset dedicated to contentment and wellbeing? Is it equivalent for cosy places, comfortable mood or fulfilling emotions, good food, minimalistic interior design or social experience? It is all that, and more!

Copenhagen Denmark Nyhavn port bridge

Hygge is huge in the Scandinavian culture and we felt it everywhere in Copenhagen. The city itself is simply friendly: bike-friendly, urban-art-friendly, infrastructure-friendly, recycling-friendly, fancy-boutiques-friendly.

HYGGE and Freetown Christiania

Freetown Christiania in Copenhagen cannabis booths

Freetown Christiania is a self-proclaimed autonomous anarchist district of less than 1000 residents in the borough of Christianshavn. What is great about it? It is a bizarre mix of workshops, homemade houses, art galleries, music venues, organic cafes, street art… and weed on display in special cannabis booths. Even if you don’t usually smoke pot, it is an essential part of the culture in that specific area, so take a cup of hot chocolate and enjoy the atmosphere.

Freetown Christiania Denmark cafes and hot chocolate

HYGGE and Nyhavn

Nyhavn district Copenhagen Denmark

Nyhavn is one of the most entertaining districts in Copenhagen. It was originally a busy commercial port with loads of ships, pubs and cocottes. Now, you can find great food and jazz music alongside with tourists taking pictures of the colourful facades of the buildings.
This girl was one such tourist.

Nyhavn commercial district in Copenhagen

HYGGE and Hans Christian Andersen

Den Lille Havfrue - The Little Mermaid statue Copenhagen

Hans Christian Andersen was born in Odense but he moved to Copenhagen at the age of 14. He spent most of his life in 3 different houses in Nyhavn where he wrote many famous fairy tales. You can still check the numbers 18, 20 and 67 where he resided. You can also visit the H. C. Andersen Fairy-Tale House – a museum dedicated to the Danish author.
Which is your favourite fairy tale from Hans Christian Andersen? For me it is a tough choice between The Little Mermaid, Thumbelina and The Little Match Girl. Child’s dreams and hopes to the rescue, right?


Silk dress from Credo Mademoiselle by Ina Assa
Socks with sparkling threads from Golden Point
Shoes from Hush Puppies
Bag from Next
Sunglasses from Mango

Nyhavn Copenhagen Hans Christian Andersen house

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