Fashion blogging in Bratislava Slovakia

Things to do in Bratislava

After spending some memorable days in Budapest, we are now following the Danube river flow back to its roots. The next city on our wanderlist of wanderlust is Bratislava. Let’s have a look at the trivia that we collected!

Fashion blogging in Bratislava Slovakia

Bratislava is the smallest of four capitals located on the Danube river (the other 3 being Vienna, Budapest and Belgrade). Another curious fact is that Bratislava is the only capital that borders with not one, but two countries – Austria on the west and Hungary on the south.

Bratislava Old Town St. Martin's Cathedral

Things to do in Bratislava, or what are the most photographed spots and attractions in the city?

Record stores Bratislava Slovakia Old Town

The Slovak National Theatre

Did you know that a national theatre might be housed in two buildings? We didn’t, but that’s the case for the Slovak National Theatre (or Slovenské národné divadlo, if you will). We only managed to see the old building on Hviezdoslav Square, but from what I hear the new building was under construction for – wait for it! – over 20 years due to lack of funds.

Slovak National Theatre - Slovenské národné divadlo

The statues

On top of the list with most photographed spots and attractions in the city are its statues. They are literally everywhere, here are a few that totally grabbed our attention:

>> Hans Christian Andersen – Hviezdoslav´s Square
We came across is accidentally and the surprise was more than delightful. The Danish author will make you feel like his very own Thumbellina. And you will like it!

Hans Christian Andersen statue Bratislava Slovakia

>> “Man at work”, a.k.a. “Cumul the worker” – Panská Street
The sewer observing through a manhole looks pleased even though his job is supposed to be a tough one. Care to guess why? Maybe because he got to be photographed with so many beautiful girls in short skirts that were posing right nex to him. But that’s just a guess.

>> Napoleon’s Army Soldier – Main Square, near the Old Town Hall
The soldier leaning on a bench behind your back and is a cute way to brighten up a selfie. What’s more, there is a very sympatic local story for that guy: Napoleon’s army was entering the city when he fell in love with a local girl and decided to stay in Bratislava with her… and produce wine. Make love (and wine), not war!

Napoleon's Army Soldier Bratislava Main Square

The UFO Bridge

Another worth-a-shot attraction is the National Uprisign Bridge, also known as The UFO Bridge. It has a flying saucer on top which hosts – apart from UFOs – tourists for a restaurant with panoramic view.

UFO Bridge Bratislava - The National Uprisign Bridge

The Bratislava Castle

That was definitely the easiest to access castle of all that we’ve ever visited. The Bratislava Castle (or Bratislavský hrad, if you will once again) is in 20 minutes walking distance from the Old Town, it is big, it is beautiful and it has a panoramic view to the Danube river. Not too shabby for a castle, right? Bonus feature: it stands on a rocky hill that is part of the Little Carpathians.

Bratislava Castle - Bratislavský hrad

Apart from that, you can dedicate your time to wander in the Old Town, drink charcoal latte and/or explore the art of music in the city. It’s all up to you!

“This is such a pretty flower,” said the woman. She kissed its lovely red and yellow petals, and just as she kissed it the flower gave a loud pop! and flew open. It was a tulip, right enough, but on the green cushion in the middle of it sat a tiny girl. She was dainty and fair to see, but she was no taller than your thumb. So she was called Thumbelina.

Bratislava fashion districs

As for this Thumbelina, she’s wearing an Artelie blouse and a pair of Zara trousers.
Fairy telling all the way ♥

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