Bass Sea Festival: inner seaside life

I met Goldie, drum and bass’ golden eminence, twice this year: once during the Hills of Rock music festival in Plovdiv (on the Hills of Bass stage alongside High Contrast, Friction, Calyx & TeeBee, Matrix & Futurebound, Agressor Bunx, MC Linguistics and Dynamite MC) and once during the FishLove exhibition when he showed me how much fish I actually need for a sustainable lifestyle.

Bass Sea Festival 2018 Varvara Qwirky Ken Dumbsteppaz drum and bass

He inspired me with his inner & outer city points of view when it comes to well-being, tolerance and creativity. With his tender tunes in mind and on the speaker, I packed my bags and headed further south to another musical event that always makes me live and feel free: The Bass Sea Festival.

The Prototypes Grooverider Bulgaria

Grooverider // The Prototypes

Jacky Murda Bulgaria

Jacky Murda

DJ SS Bulgaria


This was the third edition of the festival which is held in the cute little village of Varvara – a tiny seaside resort situated right on the Black Sea coast. As usual, the line-up included some of the biggest names on the DNB scene – The Ptototypes, Jackie Murda, Grooverider, DJ SS and Jumpin Jack Frost.

бар Родерик Варвара

Nathalie, Qwirky Ken & Liliya

In addition, the international list contained the names of Cemtek, Dumbsteppaz, MC Toddlah, MC Bobby One, Drax MC and our friends from the Rough Tempo crew – Bader and Qwirky Ken, and the daily program included OSMC graffiti workshops, beach, boat and pool parties.

 Targy HMSU Bass Sea Festival boat party

Targy /HMSU/

OSMC Graffiti workshop

OSMC Graffiti Workshop

Bass Sea Festival OSMC 0511 graffiti workshop

I meet some of the artists every year on drum and bass parties all around the world. Others I met for the very first time near the seaside last weekend. One thing is sure: it’s people like them and our very own and so beloved HMSU crew that make me believe the One Love concept is not an illusion and music will after all unite us.

Bass Sea Festival High Roll

High Roll /HMSU, Formation Records/



The Prototypes Bass Sea Festival Bulgaria

Nick /The Prototypes/

Many shouts to our Bulgarian soldiers High Roll, Targy, EXo, Ogonek, Funk Aesthetics, E:Lee, LQ, DTK, CTRL + J, Bass Mafia, Defragler and The Dark One. As well as special thanks to my better image Nathalie for keeping me in the loop for fresh drinks and shooting stars on the (Milky) way.

Bass Sea Festival pool party

Copyright: Liliya Dakova
Photo credits: LeMouseRat Photographie

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