The Crystal Palace

10 o’coffee
A sundial orange


If you wake up early on a Spanish morning and you take a right at the Atocha station, most probably you will reach Vertical Caffè. You will take the largest cup of cafe con leche that the menu has to offer you, you will try the thyme-lemon water while waiting for the barista to achieve the perfect milk temperature, you will take some sugar to go and explore the blossoming green wall and its flora. After that you will cross the road, you will try to count how many pairs of New Balance shoes you can spot before blinking, you will walk North for 400 meters and you will see Museo del Prado. You will smile politely at the people standing in the first queue and you will silently salute Francisco de Goya, who might look bad-tempered but, after all, that’s what Romanticism is about. When you see the second queue, you will take the stairs and you will distinguish Calle Ruiz de Alarcon. You will take a right, you will have a quick look at the Catholic church and you will keep walking. You will decide to take a left on Calle Espalter and after that you will see one of the very not-few entrances of Parque del Retiro.


Of course, there are at least two shortcuts to the park that we know, but we never use them. We don’t want to make Goya angry by not saying Hello, do we?


There are many possible turns and turns of events that can happen once in the park. But no matter what you do, at some point you will see a large structure with high ceiling, large transparent windows and unequivocal temperament.

Palacio de Cristal. Enter Natt & Lilly.





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