Get MAD:rid of it!

Let’s face it – we spent one of the “busiest” weeks in Madrid wandering around the murmurous streets and it is pretty safe to say that the Easter miracle which these hot-chocolate lovers tend to admire so much is far from being such a wonderful time for the two of us.

Z DSC_0753

Don’t get me wrong – of course we believe in our own gods (each). It’s just that in this particular case we prefer to call them rabbit holes and decorative arts!

Z 5

Z 4

Still, we did learn something about some things.

When in Madrid…

… you floreo vitae


… you picoteo frambuesa & caracas pistacio

Z picoteoframbuesa

… you clockwork falling water

Z 2

…you kick it (laid-back cool)

Z 6

… you learn the theory that certain laws of mathematics do not refer to reality

Z mathematics

… you accept the world

Z accepttheworld

… you question high society to discover new titles

new high titles

… you have a How to guide in a wool coat’s pocket

Z 10

… you discover Pablo Valbuena, and you are a little scared, but you love him

Z valbuena

… you midnight, then you chocolate

Z 7

Z 12

… you practice the acts of seduction. Big time!

Z actofseduction

… you practice other arts as well.

Z 9

But no matter how well you dress…


… you never forget that sometimes all you need is nonchalance

Z DSC_0344

and a special someone to share it with 🙂


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