100 years of British Vogue

Every now and then, there are events so moving and flawless, that you simply must take the perfect outfit and a couple of days of holiday. And go visit them!

Being a duo of fashion editor and rebellious actress, this is exactly what we did this month: we packed our preppy trolley bags and went to see the Vogue 100: A Century of Style exhibition in the National Portrait Gallery in London. See our impressions for this fashion Bible!


Fuchsia – for autumn lovers
Your fashion forecast
Fashion for younger and older generations

The London collections for spring fabrics

Those are among the first magazine covers that welcome you at the entrance. And they literally sum up everything that Vogue is about: style, trends, colours, seasons, generations. By placing the tiles with single words, you will reach this beautiful world that we were happy to be part of and “touch” with our own eyes. The world of Fashion. The world of Vogue.


On its very first page, Vogue had promised:

“Really and truly, such amazing things are going to happen to you that you would never believe them, unless you saw them in Vogue!”

And we do believe that!





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