Brighton in motion

Brighton in motion is simply emotions. At the cafés, between the kinky streets, near the beach, on the cold stones, under the sun gleam, on the pier and even at the station.

DSC_1436 Btighton_Collage1DSC_1434DSC_

Follow our light through the city that sometimes sleeps, but when it doesn’t (which is, like, 23/7), many costume parties, stag parties, bachelorette parties, cocktail parties and parties in general are happening in order to keep the spirits vivid and entertaining!

DSC_1209 brighton-l-1

Our arrival there was on a Monday not-so-morning with a chilly but welcoming weather and crowded streets with layering exposure (ours included). First stop was Café Coho. Obviously. We’ve been to the place couple of times before and it is our personal ritual to hit it right after we feel the Queens Road breeze because those guys definitely know how to serve you espresso blend with an Oh! so zesty top note.

brighton-n- DSC_1132

Usually, after we reach our daily dose of caffeine, it takes us few hours wandering before we manage to plop ourselves on the beach. It’s just that there are so many spots on the way that it is really hard to resist… the shopping spree temptation. This time we took constructive decisions and dedicated our finance to Elle Macpherson Intimates.

lingeri3e DSC_1189

After spending time and money on lingerie, we hit again, this time the jive, counted few apple pies and went straight to the beach. Because even the most sophisticated sisterhood needs an ocean sometimes. No ostentatious manners there. Just draft of ripples, draught beer and ginger delights.


Brighton-us-3 brighton-0 brighton-n-2DSC_1440 Brighton-us-4


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