The Southern service to London

As you may all know, for the last few years, we have had the tendency to visit our precious England at least twice a year. Why? Because we need to experience the breathtaking views from the train, views that help us capture all the beauty of the southern towns – from Haywards Heath, to Brighton, through Windsor and finally – our beloved London.

So much for habits, but what is it that makes our last stay at Shakespeare’s motherland so phenomenal?

There is a perception that every time we land on Gatwick Airport and inhale the British limitless air, we become a little bit more careful, carrying, inflated with the need to live outside the perfectly shaped emotional and physical conceptions we are used to. Of course, this is an idea we created ourselves just to find a ready-to-wear belief during the 3 hour flight. Self-focus and identity exhilaration are the two main issues we celebrate when we go back to the luminous English tags.

This is exactly why this article is going to change the appearance and the esthetics we usually seek to recreate in a similar way. This examination will focus on our internal connections with the annual visits. The following phrases will reconstruct, in one way or another, absurdly and abstractly, what we exchange with the British atmosphere, more specifically – the trail of the Southern service.

The Southern service to London tickets

Essay-type Examination: the Southern service

Facets of live

Overnight facial expressions

Bold morning routines

Coffee on another level

Rainy joy

Style rethink

Another brick in the wall



A good laughter

Packed sandwiches

Constant need of improvement



Tolerance of all kind

Overcoming habits

Lack of generations’ separation

Good music

Please mind the gap between the train and the platform!


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