50 shades of Rome: Black&White

I first met Rome couple of years ago while visiting a good friend with fairy name and great designer skills. Ever since those days of engagements in front of Fontana di Trevi, pistachio ice cream and wrong-bus-catching, I have fallen madly, truly and deeply in love with this blessed city.

After diving in colours and exploring the Roman wonders in bright yellow and sky blue, I finally took the timeless approach and opted for classic pieces and even more classic city tour.


My midi skirt with sheer details in diagonal pattern went back to back with silky neck tie top with sophisticated cap sleeves. I don’t know if that is how Livia seduced Augustus, but for me the outfit was perfect for captivating walks.

Presenting Rome in Black&White!


The Colosseo does represent a magical site, but take this inner hint: it is just as magical during the small hours of the night, when you can sit on a bench nearby, unmolested, and feel the history of the city while tasting a glass of local wine.


The Forum of Ceasar offers a lovely light show and quality background. Just double check your personal belongings – chances are you forget your favourite sunglasses while admiring the atmosphere.

Philipp Plein // RED Valentino // Moncler 

Piazza del Popolo has 2 major advantages:
1. It is a pedestrian zone.
2. It has the shortest cut to Piazza di Spagna via Via del Babuino that includes all the fancy boutique shops!


After admiring the Spanish steps for a while, I suggest you take the tour to Via Sistina. Reaching N° 104 can guarantee a glance at the house where Hans Christian Andersen sojourned while staying in Rome. Apparently this sojourn was so inspiring that lead to writing the author’s autobiographical novel The Improvisatore. Rome to the literary rescue!


And speaking of rescues, my last but not least advice would be to visit the Lindt Chocolate Shop near the Pantheon. Take a scoop /or few/ of the signature ice cream or try your coffee with milk & chocolate spoon.

I am going there again in January, what about you?


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