50 shades of Rome: love, beige and florals

“One should always be drunk. With wine, with poetry or with virtue, as you choose. But get drunk. ”

Kinky Potions - Rome

Charles Baudelaire did know how to spend Valentine’s Day. And so do we. On the top notch lovers’ holiday, we get drunk with wanderlust and celebrate the special love we have for one of the most romantic capitals in the world – Rome.

See our private rendez-vous with the city of visible history!

Kinky Potions - ColloseoKinky Potions - Rome - Vittorio Emmanuelledsc_0193_fotorKinky Potion Portion - 50 shades of Rome50 shades of Rome - Nathalie Dakovadsc_0274_fotor50 shades of Rome - Liliya Dakova50 shades of rome - love, beige and florals50 shades of Rome - love50 shades of Rome - Coliseum - Kinky Potion Portion

Have a look at the other colourful outfits that we sported in Rome:
Black & White
Sky Blue
Honey Yellow


Nathalie & Lilly

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