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Travel guide to Murano and Burano

This year Italy has turned into our favourite destination, both because of the quality food and the unimaginable beauty of its foreign architecture. After our mutual winter trip to Rome and our separate visits to Bologna, I spotted another dreamy part of the country. Suddenly, a desire to explore smaller hidden places occurred to me. Big time. The potential solution I found on the northern Italian islands Murano and Burano.

Northern Italy - Murano and Burano islands, Venetian Lagoon

“What funny names!” I thought at first but then, as I got on the ferry to get to the first island, I could already smell the spiritual pleasure celebration I was about to attend.


Travels in Italy - Murano - The Glass Island

Murano, also known as the Glass Island – home of the colourful, flamboyant glass, is a lively and bustling location, where craftsmen create art behind every corner. You can easily participate or simply have a look at the process of glasswork. Also, there are a lot of tiny restaurants of different cuisines, though I personally recommend that you try one with a generous fish menu. I guarantee that the sea food there would be a hundred percent worth it. Don’t forget to look for public pomegranate trees!

Travel Bloggers - Murano & Burano islands - Italy

Have a quick walk around the island and detect a port for the next water bus you need to catch and within 20-30 minutes you will find yourself on the my particularly preferred daily choice.

Murano Glass - Murano Island, Venice, Italy


Burano Island - Burano, Venice, Italy

Burano is definitely a peculiar Venetian destination. The island is popular with its pastel-coloured houses and their bright luminance. I met a local who explained why this architectural phenomenon exists, how it all began at first. Once, the fishermen on the island used to have really tough, tedious and long working days, so after each one they gathered and drank as much as they could to forget their painful realities. By the time they had to go back home, they were so drunk that they couldn’t even recognise which house was theirs. In order to smoothly solve the situation, the fishermen decided to paint every house in a different colour and properly return at night.

Burano colourful houses

Burano is full of life, history, small bridges and endless necessities to nourish your curiosity.

Italy travel bloggers - Burano island

Keep calm, eat pasta and enjoy every step.


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